Driven Piling - Steel Sections

Hauraki Piling has extensive experience of driving steel piles, which are typically UC / H sections, but can be tubular steel (either open or closed ended).

Our dedicated fleet of Junttan hydraulic and traditional drop hammers can cater for all types of driven piles.

H sections are always driven using top driving methods, whereas tubular steel piles can be either top or bottom driven, through the addition of a base plate to the end of the casing.

Steel Piles are ideal for penetrating through hard layers and obstructions along the pile shaft, and are adept at penetrating into all types of rock strata including some of the strongest basalts.

Bottom driven closed tubular steel piles can be used where the benefits of a displacement pile are required, but a full length pile cage is needed to withstand applied loadings and the soil strata is relatively weak. The closed tube also benefits from construction in dry conditions.